Les Cayes

Les Cayes, locally known as Aux Cayes (on the Cayes) sits in upon the southern shoreline of Haiti, it is the capital of the Sud Department. The city of Les Cayes was founded in 1503 during the government of Nicola de Ovando; one of the Spanish invaders who named that beautiful town "Zabana Salvatierra" Translating into (Land of the Saved Water). Rivers, falls, cascade and beaches affirm once again that Haiti's beauty is one of a kind. The landscapes of Les Cayes will leave anyone speechless and is bound to make fall in love within the very first sight.
Les Cayes offers its visitors a sightseeing experience that truly will last a lifetime. Just like the rest of the country, mountains in Les Cayes are spectacularly tall and covered with thick vegetation. It's never too hot in Les Cayes, its climatic conditions are tropical and truly pleasurable all year round.
Les Cayes is one of Haiti's major ports where coffee, sugarcane and bananas are exported. Les Cayes is also the world largest supplier of vetiver,a necessary ingredient of perfume and fragrance manufacturing. It exports over 60 tons annually. Experience pristine coral reefs with tropical fish, fruit stands displaying colorful papaya, mangoes, guava... all kind of tasty fruits that you can think of.