Littoral Region

From a tourist's point of view, the Littoral Region offers several advantages. The coastal zone is favourable to beach holidays, with its beautiful bays and white sandy beaches extending as far as the eye can see, right over to Yoyo and Manoka.


Douala, located almost along the water's edge on the left bank of the Wouri River, is the regional and economic capital of Cameroon and remains the main port of entry into the country.


This town is bustling with activity, thanks to its port which is one of the biggest on the West African coast and its international airport, which is served by a number of airline companies.


Apart from a thriving business in tourism which benefits from a high-quality and rapidly expanding hotel industry, the major tourist attractions of Douala are its monuments, dating back to the colonial period, and its many markets.


However, Douala is not the only attraction of the region; the secondary towns of Edéa and N'kongsamba also attract many tourists visiting Yaoundé or Kribi, or the West and North-west Regions.