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Volunteer travel abroad bookings

Are you planning to travel abroad to volunteer at a local project where your efforts are most needed? Are you looking for the best possible deal, to help you free up more to donate? Then you've come to the right page! TravelGiver can help with volunteer travel overseas in two ways:

1. Book travel to your destination & give more

We handle travel bookings for volunteers the same way we handle all bookings; by offering great deals through our trusted partners, and donating a percentage of the booking value back to their project of choice. Simply click on 'Bookings - Travel & Give' at the top of the page, click the booking site of your choice, and make your travel bookings for overseas volunteers as usual. If you're looking for more tips on how to book this way and still get the best value for money deals, log in to check out tips and experiences from others.

If the organisation you're going to volunteer & travel abroad to isn't listed on this site, you can talk to us about adding it. Log in and click 'Promote a Project' at the bottom of the page, or contact us for more information.

2. Research opportunities

Click on the 'Research - Search for Projects' page and refine your search by location, making sure to click 'Display projects allowing me to visit'. You can then get in touch with them via the contact details on the individual project page, to find out how to visit or volunteer.

How to Increase Your Donations and Gives

Following are some easy steps on how you can help increase your donations and gives; it is all about getting the word out there:


Use TravelGiver to book your own travel, business or leisure, and tell your friends and family about it. 

There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Spread the word, logon via Facebook and post your booking or just simply, recommend TravelGiver to anyone you know who is looking to make a travel booking.


Encourage your own supporters to give to your project when they travel. 

For example, if you send an enewsletter, include something like: Next time you are booking a trip, check out - the new website for the socially conscious traveller. Here, you can give while you travel as each time you make a booking, <your project name> receives a small donation - it costs you no extra. Whether you are booking a weekend away, flights or accommodation, domestic or overseas, you can book using one of the major online travel partners and choose from a whole range of projects (grassroots initiatives set up to assist communities in need) to support. To support <your project name>, all you need to do is visit the, set up a profile (top right hand corner), go to the <enter your project name url> page  and click on the green icon 'Make this my preferred project'. It will only take you a minute and your details will be saved so that each time you make a booking, a donation will be automatically be given to <project name>. Share this with your friends and family as every little bit helps go a long way.


Use Facebook to help build the TravelGiver community

- Like the new TravelGiver page on Facebook

- Post a link to on your company’s Facebook page (i.e. Next time you are booking a trip, be sure to check out, the new website for the socially conscious traveller who wants to give while they travel, at no extra cost. Be sure to select <your project name> as your preferred project and we will a small donation, to help us to continue our work and activities on the ground.)


Keep your project information and images up to date

Please send any changes to your project information or new images via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A confirmation email will be sent once your changes have been made.


Solicit Reviews

Ask visitors, volunteers or people who have experienced your project to sign up at and post a comment. Users can sort their search results by the number of reviews/gives so to maximise your exposure, it is worthwhile encouraging support.


List TravelGiver on your website

If you have a website, please feel free to list TravelGiver on your website (i.e. in the partner section, booking travel etc.). All links help TravelGiver rank higher in the search engines so that more users can find the site, make a booking and give while they travel.


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