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Helping Children, Community Development, Health, Agriculture
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Bag of school supplies.

Location Mombasa, Coast, Kenya

In Mombasa we provide medical supplies and medicine to children affected and/or infected by AIDS. We support the work of 11 small clinics which attend to children and adults from 11 different slums. We also are erecting greenhouses so that the clinics can become self sustaining, while providing food for hungry children. We help keep children in school by providing school fees and supplies to those who just can't afford it on their own.

We also bring volunteers to this project, building houses for AIDS orphans and giving them safety and security they didn't know before. 

This project is such a neat one! We've been working together for 8 years and we've seen them grow and grow and grow. It is encouraging to see healthy children when once they were very sick, clinics with adequate supplies and medicine, healthy babies and full bellies.

A backpack with scissors, pencils, pens, notebooks, glue, ruler, and file folders are giving to children who can't afford them. These keep children in school, giving them a future.

This project can be visited just about any time. You need to contact Sister Veronica at [email protected] to arrange for the best time. She will provide directions. The main clinic is approximately 30 minutes from the airport in Mombasa (traffic is heavy).

What To Bring

Visitors are welcome to bring water filters (ask us which ones - [email protected]), school supplies, basic medical supplies (ask us which), and hygiene items (ask us which).

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