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Helping Children, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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Offsets the cost of an essential visit to the hospital.

By supporting local Ugandan nonprofit institutions, we empower people to change lives in their local communities. We partner with well established, efficiently functioning Ugandan organizations that provide health or educational resources to impoverished people. 

Rather than moving into Uganda and implementing our own programs, we search for heroes in Uganda who are already doing effective, essential nonprofit work, and are simply lacking resources to implement their creative, well constructed plans. And we support their work, their ideas, and their institutions. We made the choice to work with partner organizations to maximize the likelihood of making permanent contributions towards alleviating poverty and suffering in the world.

In doing our work, we aim to inspire a new generation of people to know they are able to help change the world. 

Visit for more information.

Lacor Hospital waives fees for children less than five years of age and for pregnant women. These subsidies dramatically increase access to health care for people in Gulu but costs the hospital about $15.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in seeing Lacor Hospital or St. Jude Children's Home in person.

What To Bring

Textbooks are particularly welcome gifts to distribute through the directors of our nonprofits.

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