Girl's Soccer Team

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Three counseling visits for 3 girls with our Nurse Manager to discuss health education and fitness.

In the Spring of 2013 with just a bit of seed and lots of passion, Haiti Projects created a girl’s soccer program and begin to teach girls and women on the team leadership skills along with the importance of being part of a team (on going). – This new development makes HP most proud. We have access to a group of girls that we hope to help train and develop into leaders over the next several years. The Soccer program has caught fire, with 54 players, ranging in age from 13 to 28. The players hail from six different in-town schools. Practices, games, and instruction in life skills are just a sampling of the programming offered. To sustain the program, Haiti Projects needs $12,547 to pay for coaches, equipment and programming that includes, health screenings, life skills, community service, and leadership training.

Each of our soccer players needs training in team leadership, life skills, community building and team building as well as personal hygiene, health education and fitness. Our Nurse Manager can provide counseling and role modeling for our soccer team players.

This project can be visited and the area toured. We have a guest house, a cook and transportation for visitors hoping to learn about Haiti and Haiti Projects. Tours are provided for a fee. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for details.

What To Bring

If traveling to Fond des Blancs to visit Haiti Projects, it is best to bring soccer balls, cleats and socks for the girls.

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