Health and Hope in the Hidden Himalayas

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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health
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Will provide medicines for one family for six months.

Since 1994 we have built six Health Clinics and maintained a fully functioning Primary Health Care programme throughout that time in an extraordinarily remote part of the world and through a six year debilitating civil war. Our very first clinic was destroyed during the war and has since been rebuilt. We will complete our seventh clinic later this year which will specialise in Maternity Health Care, the very first of its kind in Humla. Two similar clinics are planned over the next two years. Health education has been a core activity and we have involved the people at all levels, but our source of pride is our ‘Little Doctors’ programme where we have now run courses for over 250 schoolchildren up to the age of 14 years. These children have gone back to teach their family and siblings what they have learnt and so help to raise general health awareness throughout the district. We also believe that raising living standards will improve health and well-being. To this end we have developed a number of renewable energy and income generation projects to provide clean energy and more prosperous livelihoods. The Trust is the recipient of a major environmental prize.

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Will help to ensure that a child born today will survive beyond its 5th birthday and have a chance to lead a normal and productive life.

Humla is very remote and has no roads or basic infrastructures. The hard way to get there is to fly to a nearby mountain airport and trek for up to 2 weeks to reach Simikot. Some projects can be viewed on the way. The furthest project beyond Simikot requires another 7 days trek to reach there. The ‘quick’ way is to take an internal flight to Nepalganj near the Indian border and then another flight north through the Himalayas to Simikot. The best times to visit are February to April and September to November. Altitude can be a problem for some as much of Humla and the projects are above 3000m. However, it is a most beautiful area and you are sure to have a wonderful and memorable experience. The Nepal Trust has been running 'Treks to Build' since 1994 and can arrange all your requirements and facilitate your trip.

What To Bring

Pens, books and T-shirts are useful gifts but will never meet the demand. Best to bring knowledge and expertise and become involved in some project work. This will provide a lasting result and a lot of personal satisfaction.

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