Revive Altai Cultural and Environmental Sustainability

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Helping Animals, Arts, Community Development, Education, Environment, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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2 days' food allowance for youths being trained in traditional livelihoods.

The 60,000 Altai people of Siberia are well known to have a sacred trust to care for the Earth and all her peoples. The Altai Mountains are the ancient source of shamanism and throat-singing, as well as thousands of rare plant and animal species.

Stalin attempted to destroy this ancient and powerful culture and the current Russian government has continued the process, promoting immigration of ethnic Russians into the Altai Republic, known as the "Switzerland of Siberia." As a result, the Altai people have lost most of their lands, which are necessary for the survival of their culture as well as the rare flora and fauna. Almost half of Altai children are now growing up in cities, without access to their ancient culture. We are working to change that.

This internationally supported project helps them to:
1) Recover globally-important cultural/environmental livelihoods that enable their youth to sustain their traditional culture and steward their lands; and
2) Revive and implement ancient technologies that for millennia have healed their own lands and people.

100% of the funds received go directly into training programs that are locally initiated and directed by Altai people.

Click on the following links to view some videos:
Viktor Teaches Throat-Singing 
- Altai Throat-Singers Supported by Altai Mir 
- Students' Concert 

2 days' food allowance for youths receiving training in sustainable production of healing herbs, wool, milk, and meat products using ancient, earth-friendly technologies.

Altai Republic is a popular trekking and rafting destination. Visiting is, however, a remote and arduous trip. It is accessible only during the short Siberian summer. Because of the distances involved, a minimum of 4 days is required from Novosibirsk, which can be reached by air or by Trans-Siberian railway. For travelers not fluent in Russian, a full-time guide is necessary. A "border zone" permit may be required, so travel arrangements must be made not less than 4 months in advance. Please e-mail Carol: [email protected] 

What To Bring

Altai people currently sustain themselves through summer tourism. Please come prepared to compensate them for the time they spend with you at a rate of at least $15/hour. Even if you are taken in as a guest, plan to contribute generously to their households or training programs. Thank you.

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