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Support for Global Kids' innovative youth leadership programs.

Global Kids, Inc. (GK) develops youth leaders for the global stage through dynamic global education and leadership development programs. Our mission is to inspire underserved youth to achieve academic excellence, self-actualization, and global competence and to empower them to take action on critical issues facing their communities and our world. Through Global Kids’ programs, our students investigate and address critical international issues and the importance of being informed and engaged citizens.

While our programs take many forms and tackle a variety of subjects, they all share the following key ingredients:

• Opportunities for youth leadership through social action and peer education
• An emphasis on civic engagement and service-learning activities
• Global education and engagement through exposure to experts, meaningful travel, and sophisticated international affairs content
• College and career readiness through academic enrichment, internships, and college visits
• Development of 21st century skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, communication, creativity, and cross-cultural collaboration 

Global Kids’ vision is to create an ever-growing network of young people from diverse backgrounds who attain leadership on all levels of society and enter fields of international affairs and public policy. We work primarily with middle school and high school youth, and provide professional development and capacity building services for educators and institutions.

Support for Global Kids' innovative youth leadership programs.

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