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Helping Children, Community Development, Sports
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5 US Dollars can purchase a new basketball in any of our international sites.

Location Tel Aviv, Israel

PeacePlayers International - Middle East (PPI - ME) is a locally led charity active in Israel and the West Bank that unites and educates Jewish and Arab young people and their communities through basketball. PPI - ME operates several multi-faceted, year-round programs based on a groundbreaking curriculum developed in partnership with the Arbinger Institute, which combines on-court, experiential learning with frank and open discussion. PPI-ME works with over 300 registered children in its current programmatic year.

PeacePlayers works with ethnically and religiously diverse populations, including Ethiopian, Russian and American immigrants, and is committed to fostering gender equality through sport in both Jewish and Arab communities. PPI - ME also operates a single-identity capacity-building program in the West Bank, which provides an additional outlet for underprivileged children and an additional training opportunity for Palestinian coaches.

A donation of 5 US dollars will allow PeacePlayers International to purchase a new basketball in any one of our international sites. This donation allows PPI to continue to grow and offer necessary equipment to participants.

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