Mzesa Day Care Centre, An Educational Centre

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Helping Children, Education
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Will provide porridge for 1 child for 1 month.

Looking for children who run away to dump-site, looking for used papers and plastic bottles, counsel them and take them to the Centre for education and feeding. When we stop the FEEDING PROGRAM, they run back to dumpsites and we loose them. We have about 400 who are receiving education from Baby class to Standard 8. We are having a Feeding Program which caters for their porridge in the morning and lunch which comprises mixed maize and beans, rice and beans, rice and green vegetables, etc. which is donated by the well wishers.

This will provide porridge as breakfast to a very needy child. In turn this child will have health and take the medicine and also be interested in learning.In turn, the community will be educated.

When in Nairobi, take a bus called DOUBLE M from Ambassador Hotel in town and ask them to drop you at Jacaranda round about stage. At the stage, ask anyone to direct you where MZESA DAY CARE CENTRE is. It is about 1 kilo mitre from the stage. This project can be visited from Monday to Friday only from 9am to 3pm. Please contact Zipporah Sangiluh on +254 721 612 995 or Christine on Zedekiah on +254 721 676 979 or [email protected]

What To Bring

Clothes, pencils, books, any kind of food and sponsor a child to get education.

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