Community Based Mobile Health Clinic Outreach

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Medicines to treat 4 children suffering from diarheal disease.

Location Minna, Nigeria

Using the Mobile Health Clinic Model, Physicians for Social Justice,PSJ, regularly provides essential health care services to over 36,000 people mostly women and children annually in rural communities in Niger State. Before the inception of rural mobile clinic services, most of these remote communities did not have accessed any form of modern healthcare, including being attended to by a physician or trained health worker. The mobile health services has significantly improved maternal and child health in rural Niger State. The mobile clinic team comprises a medical doctor, two nurses, a mid-wife, two community health extension workers and a laboratory technician regularly deploy 4-wheel-drive vehicles and motorcycles to reach people in hard-to-reach villages.

During a typical mobile clinic outreach session, the mobile team sets up a tent and community members have opportunity to get tested for HIV to know their status tested, pregnant women get prenatal care, and nursing mothers have their babies examined and treated by the physician. Under-five children get immunizations against the six childhood killer diseases, and deworming medicines. It is usually an eight to 10hour synchronized and very organized operation—which also includes medical consultations, dispensing medications from the consultations, and providing mosquito nets.

Cost of oral re-hydration salts,antibiotics, and transport for mobile team to reach remote villages to deliver life-saving medicines including vaccines to children in remote villages.

This project can be visited at anytime of the year including on weekends except Sundays. It takes about 2hours in a taxi from the capital city of Minna to PSJ's office in Kontagora. From Kontagora to project sites/communities ranges from 40 minutes to 3hours by taxi. You can contact Dr. Igboekwu at +234-8188357443

What To Bring

T-shirts, exercise books, pencils, sports equipments such as footballs, volleyballs.

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