Help a Child, Provide Access to Water in Gadan, Tudun Fulani, Ungogo

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1 25kg water container for a family

Gadan village, one of the settlement villages that comprises the Ungogo Local Government Kano, is where we currently have a water and sanitation project. Prior to our intervention there was only 1 handheld pump that served a population of 30,134 covering a geographical location of 2,000 square kilometres. There was no proper waste disposal system as the villagers are content to leave their waste by the side of their houses which they will use as manure for the farmland during the planting season and to burn for use as coal for cooking; this practice poses a high risk of diseases to the health of the people as well as affects the environment. 

Due to the insufficient/lack of safe drinking water and accessability to the available functional water supply, an average household of 10members depends on water vendors who sells a truckload of 10, 25kg keg of water for about 1 dollar. Most of the villagers are labourers who do menial jobs in the L.G.A when it is not during the planting season to augment their income. The purchase of water from the vendors poses a huge burden and drain on the income earned hence the need to tackle and provide adequate access to safe drinking water and hygienic facilities. We have thus far provided two handpumps to augument the 1 hand pump available, trained 20 women on local filtration & purification of water using moringa seeds, trained 30 children on good hygiene practices inclusive of washing hands with soap.The recent outbreak of cholera, gastroentrities was what propelled our resolve to provide access to water and sanitation facilities to forestall further outbreaks though we have not met our target of provision of 6 hand pumps to cover a wider reach.

Sealed 25kg water container that will last for three days for a family to prevent contamination.

This project can be visited tuesdays to thursdays of the week from November 2013 to April 2014 from 11am to 1pm. It is a 45mins drive from the metropolitan via taxi and you can contact samirah via email on [email protected] or mobile number 2348035905524 to arrange a visit. Gadan is a rural community located in the North western hemisphere of Kano state Nigeria

What To Bring

Toys, clothings, shoes, books (story books or educational fun learning)are always welcome.

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