Help Integral Treatment to CLP Colombian Children

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Integral treatment for 1.5 days for one child.

This project will provide opportune integral personalized treatment to 100 Colombian children consisting of psychology, speech therapy, dentistry and audition treatment, mainly, which will allow children to overcome such difficulties permitting an adequate development free of stigmatizing consequences.Cleft lip palate besides the physical malformation itself affects another areas that influence children general development, so the treatment it is not only surgery, it must include rehabilitation.

Integral treatment for a boy needing speech therapy, psychology, dentistry or medical specialist attention for 1.5 day.

Travelers may visit our project during the week, specially Tuesday mornings. You may contact to e-mail [email protected] or calling Fisulab at +571 6298184 in order to arrange a visit. We are located at Bogota - Colombia - South America. Our web page

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T-shirts, toys.

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