Enforcing Capacities and Developing Nubian Vaults Market in Mali

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Enforcing capacities and develop Nubian vaults market in Mali.

Location Segou, Segou Region, Mali

Association La Voute Nubienne (AVN) promotes the development of a self-sustaining market in Nubian Vault construction, by facilitating the recruitment, on-site training, and support of village masons in several West African countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Benin...). AVN's local teams and extension agents pump-prime and enable the growth of indigenous markets in Nubian Vault construction, providing employment opportunities, access to decent housing, and the growth of local economic circuits.

Teams of African masons trained in the Nubian Vault (NV) technique, who build safe, sturdy, well-insulated vaulted roofs of mud bricks, and train local apprentices on-site. The bricks are made from locally available earth and water, dried in the sun, and can be protected from rain erosion by traditional methods. Houses with Nubian Vault roofs cost less to build than those with tin and timber roofs, are cool in hot weather, warm in the coldest of nights, and can last for 50 years or more if properly maintained (as opposed to the average 7 - 10 year lifetime of a tin roof). 

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Enforcing capacities of the mason and recruit new mason in order to develop Nubian Vault market in mali.

During the construction season that extends from september to may (during the dry season) visiting Nubian Vaults construction sites are feasible. That will allow the people to meet the different stakeholders of the program and why not learn how to build a NV house? There are different places of construction site near Ségou, Dioila and Koutiala.
Other way is to spread the word, to inform people about the program and its positive externalities. Those interested to visit the closest construction site during your holidays and to know more about AVN-Mali, please don't hesitate contacting Ismaïla Diallo, National coordinator of the program in Mali : 00 223 70 58 40 71 [email protected].

What To Bring

The most important is to share this experience among the maximum of other travellers and local people and that way participate to the housing "re"volution in Africa !

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