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Every donation in any amount, even one dollar, helps us in our constant struggle to fund the operation of our school.

Location Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Champey Academy of Arts is a non-profit institution offering, totally free of charge, instruction to Cambodian children in traditional dance, music and singing and both traditional and contemporary drawing and painting techniques.

Champey was established in January 2013 by the Kasumisou Foundation with the aim of preserving and protecting the knowledge and skills of traditional Cambodian arts for future generations of Cambodian young people.

Many of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds – some are orphans and others suffer from serious medical conditions.

Champey strives to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for all of our students while instilling in them a love for the nation’s rich artistic heritage. Kasumisou Foundation is a small, U.S.A. registered charitable foundation working primarily in Cambodia. We provide only a part of the required funding for the operation of Champey Academy.

For Champey to survive and succeed in its mission, we rely on the support of the Phnom Penh community and our overseas guests. Visitors’ fees and donations and the proceeds from sales in our Champey Shop provide a critical component of the funds necessary to keep Champey alive. We thank all of our friends and guests for their support for our mission of introducing our Cambodian young people to the magic of their nation’s rich arts culture.

The monthly operating budget of our school is more than U.S. $3,500. Our primary expenses are rent, utilities and the salaries for teachers plus essential equipment and supplies. The required equipment and supplies include things such as musical instruments; paints, pencils, drawing paper and canvas; cloth and other materials for dance costumes.

Some students come from remote rural areas and some of those live at our school and sleep in the main classroom at night. We provide them with rice and other basic cooking supplies such as oil, sugar and salt plus small monthly allowances to cover other basic living expenses. We also support them with tuition money and encourage them to attend high schools or universities outside of Champey. Those students can then split their time and energy between their formal education in outside institutions and their arts studies at Champey.

We view every donation of even a few dollars as a victory as the struggle to keep our school funding is a source of constant stress for both the students and the staff.

The hours of instruction at Champey Academy of Arts are from 7:30AM to 11:00AM and from 1:30PM to 5:00PM Monday through Saturday. The school is closed on Sundays. Our space is small so guests, although welcome to stop by without a reservation, are encouraged to call in advance to insure that we reserve a seat for them in front of the stage.

In Phnom Penh, please phone 023-555-2057 for information in English or Khmer pr email [email protected] From outside of Cambodia, please email Kasumisou Foundation, founding sponsor of Champey Academy, at [email protected].

Our school is located at the end of a narrow alley off of St. 19, just around the corner from the National Museum and the Royal Palace. Please find the map to our school in the images section of this site. 

What To Bring

Champey Academy serves approximately one hundred students on an average day so gifts such as fruit, pencils, t-shirts, etc. would be very difficult to share fairly among so many students. We ask visitors to give a minimum donation of U.S. $3 when they visit our school. Our 'welcome team' members speak English and are trained to introduce guests to Champey Academy and its mission and to teach our foreign guests something about Cambodia's wonderful traditional arts.

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