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Helping Children, Community Development, Health, Women and Girls
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Treatment, Medicines and Awareness for 1 patient for one week.

STEPS NGO organizing Integrated Health and Awareness services to vulnerable slum people in Srikalahasti Area of operation: 18 urban slums of Srikalahasti municipality, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh state, India.

Project Beneficiaries: The communities living in Urban slums are direct beneficiaries of the project. Adolescents, Women and Children, Economically backward communities, Labours, will be benefited by this program

Problem to be addressed: Preventive, curative and referral services are made available to vulnerable and marginalized people by protecting their health needs and improving their living conditions. All the slums in Srikalahasti municipality are scattered and most of the population are from below poverty line. The basic health needs and awareness are lacking and sufficient medical facilities are not available to these people. Due to lack of knowledge about health and hygiene the grass root level people living in urban slums cannot understand the need of practices to maintain good health, technique of low cost nutritious food preparation, maintenance of personal hygiene, preparation of safe drinking water and disposal of waste products from the home. The incidence of infectious diseases and malnutrition rate are quite high.

STEPS NGO will implement an integrated project to provide the health needs, clinical services, Education and awareness creation among these people by Health promotion, Environmental improvements especially sanitation, Filariasis treatment, Malaria prevention, Maternal Health and basic post-natal care, Child health, Diabetis and cancer care & treatment, HIV prevention, Hepatitis B prevention, Measles, Oral Rehydration Solution for diarrhoea and prevention of gastroenteritis, Vitamin deficiencies, TB, Respiratory infections.

For more information, visit  our website.

Free Treatment, Medicines for 1 slum patient suffering with Lymphatic Filariasis, Malaria, Fevers, other diseases and Health education, Awareness for communicable & non communicable diseases for one week.

This project can be visited at any time throughout the year. It takes approximately 20 minutes in a taxi from Tirupati Air Port and 2 hours in a taxi from Chennai Air Port. If you interested visiting this place please contact Dr. Prameelamma, President, STEPS NGO through email [email protected] or contact mobile number 91 9390028595.

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