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Feeds a hungry child with healthy snacks, fruit, porridge and vegetable soup for two weeks.

Our Mission

- To prevent the sale and exploitation of children
- To find non-exploitative labour alternatives for youths and families
- To transform families and communities as low-risk for child trafficking and exploitation

Our mission aims directly at the root causes of poverty and keeps the children safe from trafficking.

Riverkids Project Limited is a charitable non-profit corporation in Singapore that funds and manages Riverkids Foundation, a Cambodian non-governmental organisation registered in 2007.

In Cambodia, children are sold as debt slaves, domestic drudges, illegal adoptions, cheap labour and child sex workers.

Riverkids works to prevent child trafficking by working directly with families at high risk for trafficking. All the children in our project are at high-risk for being trafficked. Their families are unstable due to addiction, divorce, abuse and extreme poverty.

Thank you for helping Riverkids

Your donation to Riverkids will fund kindergartens, meals for malnourished children, medical care, vocational training for mothers struggling to leave the streets, counseling for traumatized children, school uniforms and schoolbags, and many more programs that help families caught in deep poverty and abuse to turn away from selling their children to a better and brighter future where children in the slums of Phnom Penh can grow up safe and loved. Thank you.

Watch the video of a Riverkids volunteer: http://vimeo.com/60296029

Riverkids Project 

Singapore: Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #04-166 Singapore 150125 
Cambodia: Phnom Penh (Please contact the Singapore office)
W: www.riverkidsproject.org E: [email protected] 
T: 6270 2180 Facebook: facebook.com/Riverkids Twitter: @rkproject

Children get snacks, some get breakfast and lunch. Fresh fruits are added to the undernourished, to provide the energy they need so they can concentrate and learn more in class.

From a simple trip such as bringing a group of children to the park for an afternoon to weeks of in-depth research alongside staff in a Phnom Penh slum, volunteering brings you right into the heart of the Riverkids community, interacting with children and families.

Our Advocacy Walk and Mural Painting activities are good for short trips. Other volunteer opportunities for under a week are training workshops, research interviews and field trips.

Please note that if you'd like to volunteer in Cambodia, our Child Protection Policy requires that you have police clearance (background check) from your own country or an employer referral letter if you live in Cambodia.

Please email to [email protected] to enquire. More details at http://www.riverkidsproject.org/volunteers/short-term-volunteering/

What To Bring

Practical and affordable items that you can buy in Cambodia's local market are School bags, crayons, poster paints, art and craft supplies, towels, basic medication like bandaids and antiseptic cream (we recommend the U-Care chain for non-counterfeit supplies), rice, toothpaste and shampoo.

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