Rescuing 9000 Children From The Streets In India

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Helping Children
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Food for ten children.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Almost 25000 children land on the streets of Bangalore city every year. It's hard to imagine how much these children suffer on the street. Many children enter in to antisocial activities either willingly or unwillingly to survive on the streets. There is lots of vulnerable abusers on the streets to take away these children as and when they land up on the streets and make money out of it. This project will benefit more than 9000 children on the street.

How will this project solve this problem?

"Child safety Net" is based on the innovative concept street presence through which BOSCO personnel maintain clock wise vigilance to meet each and every child whose rights are violated on the streets of Bangalore. The preventive aspects of street presence ensure immediate rescue of the children who needs a care and protection with the support of caring communities and send him/her to a safer environment.

Potential Long Term Impact

By end of the first year of the project 9000 (nine thousand) young at risk across Bangalore city will be reached and supported to mainstream through various rehabilitation programs including formal and informal education, vocational training, counseling, advocacy. The proposed intervention is focused on the involvement of the community in the entire prevention and protection of the children thereby making the community responsible for the growth and development of the children.

Food for two children - USD$1. Food for 40 rescued children for a day - USD$20. Clothing for 3 rescued children - USD$15. Basic expenses of one child for one month - USD$25. 2 pairs of White color Pants, white color shirts, ties, socks for 1 child - USD$30. Educational expenses incurred for one child for one academic year - USD$200. One month salary for one child rescue social worker - USD$110.

Can be visited any day of the week, any time (24/7). Kindly contact [email protected] or 91-9448878291 to organise.

What To Bring

Clothes, pens, note books, towels, soaps, oil, educational materials.

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