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Helping Children, Education, Health
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Supporting families of children and young people with disabilities.

Firstchance is a not for profit organisation which operates both Early Childhood Intervention and School Aged Programs. Firstchance runs its programs with a combination of government grants, parent fees and money raised through fundraising activities.

All Firstchance programs have a family-centred approach to the provision of services. We operate according to the philosophy that all children should receive the best possible opportunities to promote their quality of life, now and in the future. Our family-centred focus means that we view the child as part of a family whose goals, needs and preferences are to be respected.

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Firstchance needs YOUR help to provide this bright future to as many local families caring for a child with a disability as possible. 

Fundraising plays a big part in bringing that little extra something to the children, their families and members of the Firstchance community.

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