Train HeroRATs to Detect Landmines and Tuberculosis in Tanzania

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Clear 3 sq. meters of land from landmines in Mozambique.

APOPO is an innovative organisation that trains rats to improve Tuberculosis detection in developing countries and, establish a cost and time effective solution to landmine clearance in post-conflict areas.

It is a social enterprise that researches, develops and implements detection rats technology for humanitarian purposes such as Mine Action and Tuberculosis detection. APOPO is a Belgian NGO, with headquarters in Tanzania and operations in Mozambique, Thailand, Angola and Cambodia.

HeroRATs are trained in Tanzania and then sent to Mozambique to detect landmines and unexploded ordnance. Approximately $5 will make sure at least 3 square meters of land are returned to local communities for farming or other uses.

Visits need to be arranged at least two weeks in advance and may not always be available. The rats train from 7am-9am in the morning Monday-Friday in Morogoro, Tanzania which is four hours west of Dar es Salaam. Email [email protected] for more visit details.

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