Expanding Sustainable Livelihoods and Literacy activities for Tharu Women in Nepal

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

US$5 will provide notebooks for 20 participants for a month.

This project will work with marginalized and poor young Tharu women (16 to 30 years) and their families from Mid Western plains, Dang district.  Literacy and livelihoods training and support will give women skills to improve their lives and gain financial independence, opening space their lives to participate in the public sphere. Which will help them to create self-employment opportunities and respectable way for their quality life.

Project activities will be implemented through Women's Groups. The project will help form and establish five women's groups with 175 members. Each group will include 35 women. They will meet once a month through out the project period and will continue to meet after end of the project cycle.

Historically the Tharu community in Nepal has been marginalized, excluded and discriminated by the surrounding majority communities. Especially women are continues to be marginalized in spite of recent legislation that promotes equality and equity for all in Nepal. In Tharu community, Dang, economically deprived youths feel that they do not have enough capacity and knowledge to find respectable job with reasonable payments, so they migrate to neighboring district, India and Gulf countries for low grade jobs. Especially women, who are migrates to neighboring district and aboard work as domestic help, these girls/women are vulnerable to physical, emotional and sexual exploitation.

Twenty participants from one literacy class will have an opportunity to use notebooks for their daily exercises & for writing their own stories based on their lives situation. They will realize letters are powerful to make positive changes in their life situation. "A person is literate who can with understanding both read & write a short simple statement on his/her every day life." (UNESCO 1990s).

This project can visit after monsoon from September to May. Visit date and time will  be fixed in consultation with women groups visits.It will take 40 to 60 minutes in a taxi or motor bike from Tulsipur. Email [email protected] to organise.

What To Bring

Notebooks, storybooks or useful reading materials for their tin trunk or community library. Women group has practice to receive 10-12 US$, when they give us their time to share their stories and experiences. The money will use their group social fund to continue their activities.

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