Help Damaris Finish School and Become a Teacher

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Helping Children, Education, Women and Girls
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Buys one textbook for Damaris.

With her love of education, Damaris is determined to finish her high school education and become a teacher. Damaris feels education is the key to her future. When asked what the best part about starting high school is she answered simply, "You can change your life." With your help Africa SOMA will cover the costs of Damaris' final four years of high school, giving her the educational foundation to not only become a teacher but change her life. $790 will cover Damaris' 4 year secondary education

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Damaris loves school. "It changed my life" she explains. Without the scholarship she doubts she would be able to continue her schooling. "I want to be a teacher...if it is possible I want to a secondary teacher". A math lover, Damaris hopes to one day be a math teacher. By investing in Damaris' education you are not only investing in the education of a girl from an ethnic minority, living in a rural area, but are sustaining the growing importance of education in her community.

How will this project solve this problem?
In rural Kenya, where many families have lower incomes, it is difficult to send children to high school, yet a high school education is necessary to access many jobs in Kenya. Damaris' own parents struggle to make ends meet during times of drought. As a result Damaris and many other children are unable to continue their education without financial support. Never able to realize their full academic potential, these youth are limited in the types of careers they can pursue, reinforcing the cycle.

Potential Long Term Impact
The region surrounding Elangata Wuas has been suffering from increased droughts in recent years which has had a severe impact on a community economically centered around livestock. For this reason, livelihood diversity is a key in the region and earning a high school education provides greater potential to access and create jobs. For children in Elangata Wuas the opportunity to attend high school means a chance to broaden not only their academic horizons but also their job prospects.

In Kenya students are expected to purchase textbooks they'll need for class. One standard textbook costs about 500 Kenyan shillings, or the equivalent of $5.00 U.S. dollars. Damaris will need one textbook for each of her 7 subjects.

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