Alternative Livelihoods and Elephant Rescue in Thailand

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 means a healthy supply of bananas, a nutrious snack for the elephants.

Street begging and working in tourist camps significantly reduces the life expectancy of this endangered species diminishing their high cultural importance and placing individuals in inhumane living conditions. Working elephants are waiting to join our forest reintroduction program and funds are desperately needed to facilitate this. Mahouts and owners join our education and alternative livelihoods program along with their elephants to ensure they have a sustainable alternative form of work.

Project aims
Living in natural social herds in the forest has tremendous impact on elephant’s psychological health and provides a balanced diet, dramatically increasing life expectancy. No longer forced to work, these elephants will live longer and happier lives

Long-term sustainability
We plan to host a sustainable breeding population of elephants living naturally in the forest. Each new elephant that joins the rescued herd increases chances of long-term success for this growing population of elephants in the forest.

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$5 means a healthy supply of bananas, a nutrious snack for the elephants.

The population of Asia elephants and their habitat is rapidly declining. With less than 1,000 left in the wild in Thailand, but around 3,000 in captivity, we are one of the few viable alternatives to the reality of their domesticated future within tourist camps.

Please note, this is a serious volunteer program and we do not partake in riding elephants or having them demonstrate skills learned from being trained.

Your contribution will help to keep these reintroduced captive elephants into protected forests and conserve this beautiful species, providing the funding and hands-on support to keep this project going. The goal is to have semi-wild herds of elephants living in their natural habitat, supervised by their mahouts.

What To Bring

We encourage travellers to fundraise funds for this project. Visit our link for volunteers for more details.

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