Creative Solutions for Sanitation and Farming for Floating Communities in Cambodia

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Helping Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Hunger, Agriculture
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Assists an extra person to take part in essential training about sanitation, biodigester etc.

Live & Learn is working with some of the most poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia -the floating and flood-affected communities of the Tonle Sap lake- to bring creative solutions to their sanitation and food supply issues. 

Sanitation is virtually non-existent in these areas, and there is almost no access to agricultural produce. Many households totally rely on fishing and foraging, and they can't reliably grow their own food because of regular floods and droughts. The unsanitary conditions and poor nutrition have a devastating impact on public health and rates of child mortality are high.

Live & Learn have designed a ‘floating bio-digester toilet’, which captures and treats human and animal waste and turns it into fertiliser for gardens and biogas for cooking. These systems suit the challenging environments of the floating communities, and help solve the sanitation and energy issues that have had few solutions to date. 

We are also working with these communities to demonstrate creative food production technologies, using the fertiliser created through the bio-digesters in raised, mobile, and even floating gardens to adapt to flooding; and water-saving methods for dry-season agriculture and drought resistance. 

This is a new combination of sanitation, agricultural, and energy systems, supporting health, food production and energy access. Excitingly, this project also brings economic opportunities by turning waste into a resource.

$5 contributes to training and awareness programs that are essential for extra people to access ‘floating bio-digester toilets’ and to learn new farming techniques, to bring economic opportunities and life changing improvements in health, community sanitation, and food supply.

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