Empower Girls, Sensitize Boys

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Helping Children, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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Awareness session cost for 5 adolescents.

Location Pune, West India, India

The project will provide training to 300 young girls & boys on gender equality & sensitize them on the deteriorating sex ratio & its long term implications. 30 youth leaders will be engaged in peer education. The Project will also create opportunities for marginalized girls for their self development through anemia control program, sponsorship support to continue education in high school, health & nutrition awareness, family life education & training for employability enhancement.

The project will increase the capabilities of girls in improving & taking care of their own health and that of their families .Girls will get to know about age appropriate nutrients and will learn to prevent anemia & calcium deficiency. Life skill education will improve the quality of their life. Skill based training will enhance their employability. Boys involvement will help to develop a right attitude on gender issues & Peer education will enhance reach to more youth & enhance girls status.

Please visit our website for more information.

It can cover Awareness session costs for 5 adolescents. Awareness sessions are conducted on various topics like gender sensitivity, career counselling and health.

Ongoing project travellers can visit our sessions any time, visit our website for more details.

What To Bring

Related books or presentations and nutritious snacks are welcome.

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