Adult Literacy in Malawi

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Helping Community Development, Education
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One adult with school supplies for one month.

buildOn strives to help spread education to the world's most remote but deserving communities that cry for the education of their youth and their community members. Consistently ranked among the world’s 20 least developed countries on the UN’s Human Development Index, the Southeast African country of Malawi has long been challenged by economic stagnation and a lack of access to education. Over 50% of the country’s population lives below the poverty line of US $1.25 a day, and epidemics of AIDS and malaria have further slowed progress. buildOn has built over 85 schools since 1993, and has used those facilities to educate both youth and adult populations in the rural villages of Malawi. 

1 in 5 adults across the globe cannot read or write. Two-thirds of these adults are women. With the ability to read, write and do basic math, individuals are able to improve health conditions, develop more efficient farming techniques, and gain a stronger voice in society. Taught in the evenings, in the same schools their children attend by day, the Adult Literacy Program gives parents and grandparents the education they need to build a better life for themselves and their children. We are proud to say that over 70% of participants in the buildOn Adult Literacy Programs are women. 

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One adult with the necessary tools they need to learn basic literacy and other relevant life skills for one month.

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