Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia, Vision Awake Africa For Development

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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

USD $5 mean a lot to our project, it can provide school supplies to a child.

Vision Awake Africa For Development provides free education to over 450 children in Liberia who have relocated from the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana as well as students who were internally displaced during the civil war.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Liberia is recovering from years of devastating civil wars. Many Liberians spent years in refugee camps in neighboring countries. In one such camp, Buduburam in Ghana, a school was built by a refugee named Karrus Hayes with the support of an American sponsor, Cori Stern. Now that the war is over and repatriation has been underway, a free and safe learning environment is needed for the returning students and others in need in the community. It is our commitment to provide for these children.

How will this project solve this problem?
The Carolyn A. Miller School (CAMES) in Paynesville, Liberia, gives repatriated refugees of all ages the opportunity of an education by running a K-12 school. As well as a plan for a community college, adult literacy and scholarship programs.

Potential Long Term Impact
The aim is to build a co-educational boarding school and self-sustaining environment for 850 minors in the town of Suakoko, Liberia. 

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Just the donation of USD$5.00 means a child can be assured of free and quality education and meal as well.

A traveller can visit our throughout the year and doing the week from 8am to 2pm. Depending where the person will be staying it may take between 15 to 35 minutes to get to our project site. For may contact us through email: [email protected] or phone us +231886971085

What To Bring

mosquito bite cream,  sun cream, First aid kit, Hand antibacterial,P hotocopies of your passport, Malaria treatment, Sun block, Padlock, Sleeping bag,F lash light (+batteries), Extra charger if you have a Mac, Plug adapter, USB memory stick, Sun glasses, Summer hat, Raincoat, Flip-flops, no fancy clothes.

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