Help 500 Children with Disabilities in Kharkov

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

1 toy for a child with special needs.

This project will allow to organize 5 Early Intervention centers in the different areas of the city of Kharkov. Annually about 500 families with early age children with developmental delays and disabilities will get the early intervention service. Children with Down syndrom, autism, cerebral palsy and other problems will have professional help and their parents - support. Our efforts are directed to the prevention of institualisation and invalidisation of children.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
In Kharkov, about 3,000 children with disabilities. Families can not receive early intervention services in the public service, they simply do not exist. Our team (speech therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, doctors) in Kharkov creates network of early intervention in order to family centered, interdisciplinary early intervention service will be available to families who need it.

How will this project solve this problem?
Each year, 500 families with children with disabilities can receive assistance in the development of the child, in the organization of living space, its integration into the society. In five centers of early intervention children will receive regular training with professionals. Help in the selection of medical equipment, educational toys, tools for feeding, walks, games, etc; parents will be given psychological support to parents in a crisis situation with the birth of a child with disabilities.

Potential Long Term Impact
This project is a pioneering opportunity to get professional help and support for the families with early age children with disabilities. Child with special needs can appear in any family. Early Intervention program minimizes children's development delays and increases quality of family life.

1 toy or part of rehabilitation equipment for children with disabilities.

This project can be visited from September to June from 9am to 4pm. Please contact Tatyana at +380577628283 or [email protected] if you are interested in arranging a visit.

What To Bring

Developing toys, various drawing materials etc.

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