Karuna Children's Development Centre

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 will pay for tuition for a month at the high school. $5 will pay for medicine when a child falls

The Karuna Foundation and CEDF, a Cambodian NGO, formed a joint venture  in June 2004 . Its primary vision is to provide infrastructure, educational support structures and vocational education opportunities to support  vulnerable children in desparately poor rural areas of Cambodia.

Projects are developed and managed to provide basic clothing and shelter plus access to education that will ultimately lead to the improved quality of life for each child. With such support, children will have a better chance to achieve life’s full potential. Importantly each project is locally supported by strong community involvement that ultimately will achieve sustainability.

Karuna’s Aims 
• Provide children (aged 4 -21) with the greatest of need with access to improved living conditions through food, shelter, health and education programs
• Raise children’s awareness of the role of the local pagodas
• Create opportunities for the children to develop literacy and numeracy skills including English
• Encourage participation in informal and formal education programs
• Ensure children develop an appreciation of their own culture
• Develop in children an awareness of the importance of health, hygiene and nutrition
• Create an appreciation in children of the importance of protecting natural resources
• Develop in children self esteem and respect for others
• Involve local community participation with plans to achieve sustainability

$5 goes along way in Cambodia. It is the cost of tuition at high school for 1 month, the cost of  medicine when malaria strikes, the replacement of water filters, some good protein in their food for a week, like fish or dairy produce.

Only with the permission of the director of our project will travellers be allowed to visit. The rural community is a 3 hour drive from Siem Reap and difficult to get to but the Siem Reap centre is more easily accessable. We encourage travellers who can help them with their english skills. Call Sokphen on +85512343129

What To Bring

Volley balls, basket balls, pumps, craft work, picture reading books, sarongs, t shirts, pens and pencils, sanitary bags.

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