Wild Poppies - Education for Talented Roma Children

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Transportation to school for one child a week.

Location Bratislava, Slovakia

Beauty, fragility and uniqueness characterize wild poppies, the flower which is the symbol of our organization.

The same words capture the talent, that is within many Roma children from all corners of Slovakia. Divé maky, Slovak for wild poppies, is a non-governmental non-profit organization created in 2005.

Since the beginning our mission has been to support talented Roma children and youth who possess an outstanding talent and are motivated to study and develop their talent.

Through our scholarship program we offer individual care and support to children from all around the Slovak republic. All the children participating in the Wild poppies scholarship program come from a socially and economically disadvantaged background.

Without external support they wouldn’t have the chance to nourish their talent. For the past 9 years we have supported 435 talented children.

Our graduates have successfully integrated into the society and continue to educate the next generation of exemplary Roma children. Every “poppy” is paired with an individual mentor who oversees his or hers school attendance, academic performance and contributes to the formation of a balanced, respectable young adult. Mentors are also in touch with the families and teachers of their mentees.

This academic year there are 59 young talents in the scholarship program and 13 tutors who are working in the field all over Slovakia. Some of our "poppies" are still looking for donors that would help help them achieve the education they deserve.

Transportation to school for one child a week. The children participating in our program come from a socially and economically disadvantaged background, they often live in secluded slums. Without support they cannot even afford public transportation to reach school.

Visitors can visit our main office in Bratislava where we coordinate the scholarship program. If interested they could meet some of the children that are studying in Bratislava. During the first weekend of August 2015 visitors could visit the Gipsy Bashavelin festival or Roma culture that we are organizing. For more information, please contact Boglarka at +421-911-810-655 or send an email to [email protected]

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