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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 means transport to school for 2 children for a month.

One Sky Foundation is a non religious, non political registered NGO that provides community based support to vulnerable children and their families. 

We are unhappy with the disproportionate numbers of children locally and throughout SE Asia who are being raised in Institutional care. We aim to fill the void in community based support services available to support families and to see children growing up with their parents or relatives whenever it is safe to do so. We believe that poverty should never be a reason for children to be separated from their parents.

One Sky provides support for migrant children to register in school and pays for 5 teachers in 1 year of full time preparation classes for 120 children not yet ready for Thai school. We support uniform costs and transport costs for 300 children from poor families. We support children struggling to stay in school.

Our child protection team work on risk reduction with families where children are not being well cared for. In extreme situations we work with local authorities to remove children to safety. We always work to re unite families whenever possible.

We provide counseling support for traumatised children. We work with parents to improve their parenting skills. We run a social business providing jobs and income for single mother with no support network and we help with medical costs when children and their parents are unable to afford the hospital care they need.

Our most valuable asset is our staff and the support they can give to vulnerable families trying to stay together. However it is very common that children eat only rice on days when income is low. $5 at the right time can provide eggs and tinned fish for a few days until there is more work again.

With adequate notice we are very happy for travellers to come to our office to learn more about the situation of children in the area and about our work. However we are not able to take visitors into the field.

What To Bring

An open mind, enthusiasm, questions. Pencils and basic stationary are always useful.

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