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Helping Women and Girls
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Provides education materials for women.

Women's Resource Center (WRC) empowers Cambodian women by providing support and information that enhances their ability and confidence to make informed decisions about their own lives. WRC is primarily a drop-in and referral center welcoming women to ask questions and seek support about any aspect of their lives. Following the guidelines of support, information, and referral, they assist women first by providing a basic counseling session when a woman drops in with an issue. If a woman decides she wants to take some form of action, WRC will facilitate a free referral, utilizing an extensive and well-researched network of partner agencies throughout Siem Reap. They also offers free educational workshops for small groups of women led by experienced facilitators on the topics of reproductive health, pregnancy, infant care, nutrition, positive parenting, domestic violence, and gender rights.

Provides educational materials (books, pens, educational handouts) for 4 women who attend either our positive parenting, health, reproductive or legal rights workshops.

Visits are by appointments only. Please contact Sally at [email protected]

What To Bring

Please contact our center beforehand if you would like to bring something for the organization and the women we help.

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