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Helping Children, Community Development
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Training a community member to become ChildSafe

The ChildSafe Network objectives are to engage members of all societies to take responsibility in protecting children from all forms of abuse. ChildSafe trains and certifies community members how to identify and respond to a child at risk of abuse. These members are staff of hotels, tour agencies, restaurants, community transport employees, street sellers and more. The network provides the community the ability to act and help a child at risk, and further encourages positive environments for children. In ChildSafe active cities hotlines operate 24 hour, 7 days where social workers immediately respond to a report of a child in danger by attending the scene and taking action to protect the child. 

ChildSafe identifies the importance of behavioral advice for tourists as their actions can have both positive and negative results for children. The ChildSafe Traveler 7 Tips has reached over 4 million travelers, and continues to provide constructive advice to travelers globally on how their actions can affect the lives of children today and into their future.

In 2012, ChildSafe members directly protected 8,000 children from harm through the hotlines, direct interventions and providing trainings. 

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Train community members to become ChildSafe Member's. Training how to identify a child at risk of abuse and how to respond to most effectively to help the child at risk.

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