Reducing Youngsters Poverty in Tanzania

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One cup of a tea, daily bread for vulnerable orphans, medicaton care for AIDS youth.

Reducing Youngsters Poverty Through Practical Cultural Heritage Conservation, Tourism and Sustainable Development Promotion Project in Tanzania.

The official title of the proposed action is “Cultural Heritage Conservation, Tourism and Sustainable Development in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania”. In order to create a catchy and memorable brand in public, the project will be promoted under the name “Southern Tanzania Culture Solutions”, accompanied by the advertising slogan “promoting cultural heritage and tourism for sustainable development in the Southern Highlands”.

The overall objective of the proposed action is to support sustainable youngster’s community development and poverty alleviation in the target area through conservation, management, promotion and commercialization of local cultural heritage resources. Our project idea aimed at involving the youths in matters of tourism and business, promote ethics, safeguarding of our natural heritage, showcase employment and investment opportunities for the youths in tourism among other sectors in Tanzania since the youngsters in Iringa have got economic and social problems. The economic problem is lack of employment opportunities, inadequate access to basic education, and lack of access to credit and micro-finance facilities, inadequate entrepreneurship skills, inadequate training opportunities for school drop-outs and out of school youngsters, early marriage resulting in teenage pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy and a high population growth rate and high prevalence of sexually transmitted infection including HIV/AIDS. As a result the youth do involve in illegal activities such as theft, gangsters, kidnapping and so on to sustain their lives. The main challenge that this initiative looks forward to achieve is Leadership and Engagement of the youth in matters of tourism in Tanzanian’s biggest foreign exchange earner which will then have a trickle-down effect to issues as such Cultural Pluralism and Preservation of Cultural Heritage to foster a culture of responsible tourism, employability, investment and entrepreneurship, youth innovation and diversification for sustainability and poverty eradication and the use of ICT in the Tanzania tourism Industry. This project needs a mentor for direction, networking and collaborations.

Project activities are to establish a Tourism and Entertainment Centres, setting up of three (3) youngsters tourism camps, establish a centralized youngsters safari, animal and bird watching, juice processing joints along the International Tourism and Entertainment Recreation Centres, snacks bars along the Recreation Centre and vegetable suppliers, creation of job counseling unit, to create the needed conducive environment to enable youths embark on their own business ventures, formation of youngsters cooperative societies, and skills training in the areas of tie & dye, batik weaving, pottery and handcraft tourist export products. This is very vital as it will create self-sustenance jobs by young people. Tanzania Tourism Authority will spearhead this process as it is already doing.

Beneficiaries are over 850,000 youngsters across the country, 1000 orphans, 750 AIDS youth families and 2000 early pregnancy women. Project duration is 10 years. The project will be located at Nduli Village within Iringa Municipality near to Nduli Aiport ground. Project outcomes are employment opportunities created for 850, 000 young adults mostly facing poverty country wide by 2014/2020, enhanced a sustainable livelihoods for 1milion young adults by 20120, positive changed in the attitudes of youths towards selective jobs, a concerted effort of all agencies in employment adopted for the employability of youths, established the Tourism Recreation Centre, supported most vulnerable children and back to school, and reduced youngsters poverty.

Buy an exercise book, a pen, medication care for a sick orphan, buy school uniform, pay transport fare to school for an orphan, buy food etc.

This project can be visited at anytime. It takes 30 minute by town bus to reach us.Please call us by this mobile +255754813368 or email [email protected] if you are interested in visiting us. Or come to work with us or come and conduct your academic internship / research.

What To Bring

Anything God wishes to be donated to us whether it is money or school fees, exercise books, music production equipment for our orphans studio, video production equipment, hospital equipment for our health centre, used clothes for our orphans, audio teaching materials, English literature books etc.

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