How it works

What if you could shop online and for no extra cost, support a community in need? Well now you can with eShopGiver, it has never been easier to care and help community projects around the world. eShopGiver makes giving a 'no brainer', it is free and simple now to transform lives when you shop, why wouldn't you?


To join the tribe of socially conscious shoppers, all you need to do is:


1. Set up an account (a name and email address is all you need), you can even login with facebook.

2. Choose the community project you wish to support

3. Click through to your favourite shopping partner via the eShopGiver website and start shopping and giving without paying a cent more.


What is eShopGiver?


eShopGiver is a virtual mall for socially conscious shoppers, allowing them to donate up to 25 per cent of their purchases to community projects worldwide at no extra cost. Users simply log on, choose from a wide range of online shops including fashion, health, beauty, electronics, books and department stores, then purchase the item and the donation is made automatically. There are over 200 reputable Australian and international stores to shop with.


eShopGiver is the sister site to the already highly successful TravelGiver, which works in the same way but with travel booking partners instead of retail brands. Since it's official launch in August 2013, TravelGiver has helped hundreds of travellers book anything from local flights to international holidays and expanded from 40 community projects in four countries to over 300 projects in 50 countries, giving travellers a greater choice of where their money goes. Users of eShopGiver can also choose from any of these projects to help when they shop, without paying a cent more.


How can I use eShopGiver?


If you love to shop online, start your shopping experience at eShopGiver. This one simple step allows you to shop and share the spoils as a small donation is made automatically on your behalf and it does not cost you a cent extra. eShopGiver can be used to purchase a whole range of goods and services online so you can continue to shop with your favourite stores, hunt for bargains and help make a difference to the lives of others, all at the same time.


Why should I use eShopGiver?


eShopGiver has made the act of giving simple, it does not cost you a cent extra.

If you shop online and want to help others, eshopGiver allows you, at no extra cost, to give while you shop. Affiliate sites like eShopGiver earn commissions and fees each time a purchase is made. At eshopGiver, half of the earnings are donated to the projects chosen by the user and the other half, is retained by eShopGiver to manage and invest in this website and grow this venture.

eShopGiver aims to help worthwhile projects by providing a forum to promote their work, raise awareness and raise funds.


How can I research shops?


You can search shops based on category or their name, there are more than 200 to choose from.


How can I research projects?


You can search projects based on country, region, project name or category. You can also search using a map.


How do donations work?


Affiliate sites like eShopGiver earn commissions and fees each time a purchase is made. At eShopGiver, half of the earnings are donated to the projects chosen by the user, and the other half are retained by eShopGiver to manage and invest in the website.

When you make a purchase and select a shopping partner, you will be told upfront how much will be given and donated on your behalf. It is very transparent. Once you have made a purchase and selected the project you wish to donate to, you have 30 days to change the project (unless the purchase is cancelled or returned beforehand). Donations are paid to the projects during the fourth week of the month after the purchase has been delivered.


How do I make a purchase? How do I know a donation has been given on my behalf?


To make a purchase and give while you shop, all you need to do is click on one of the shopping partners and proceed as normal (i.e. browse, select and pay with the chose online shopping partner). You will receive the standard confirmation from the shopping partner. Please allow up to 72 hours for your 'Give' to be processed, it will then be added to your Donation Tally on your Gives page and to the information page of your selected Project.


How can I help eShopGiver?


eShopGiver relies on the contribution of socially conscious shoppers to help projects across the globe and build this website as the place to shop online and help make a difference, at no extra cost. Apart from using eShopGiver whenever you shop online, other ways you can help include:

- Login with your facebook account so that you can share your contributions on eShopGiver with your friends and family.

- Ask your friends and family to have a look at eShopGiver and recommend they use it next time they make an online purchase.


More Information


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