Chicuchas Wasi

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Helping Education, Women and Girls
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Ability to read books opens a world of learning. $5 will buy 1 book.

Location Cusco, Cusco Region, Peru

Chicuchas Wasi provides quality primary education and promotes gender equality, self-esteem, and human dignity for the marginalized indigenous girls of rural Cusco, Peru.

With the CW education and skills the girls are empowered to become economically independent. They become important role models and leaders for the next generation of CW students. Our parent classes focus on helping the student’s family to understand the value of educating their daughters and the importance of family support

Our students come from illiterate parents, so the ability to read anything is very foreign to them upon arrival at the start of the school year. 
Kindergarten students are gradually introduced to the alphabet and word recognition with classroom instruction, practice assignments and simple books in the class environment. By the first grade they can read simple stories and blackboard words in the classroom. Learning to read is a most important skill everyone and especially for every student to open the door to begin a life of constant learning and reading for pleasure. We encourage our girls to read daily and have a small library of books about science, history, nature, environment and pleasure books. Books are a rare item for most families and the families of our students there are no books at all. Public libraries are not available to our rural students. It is therefore up to the CW school to encourage the love of reading by building a library with diverse subjects and by inviting our 105 students to explore these books. $5.00 will allow us to buy another book for the school library.

We often have visitors. To visit our rural school and also not disrupt the school curriculum will take some planning with the school director-taxis normally won't go that rural. Her name is Ruth Uribe and she can be reached by cell phone at 51-984268207 or also contacting us for assistance here: Email: [email protected] School in Peru begins in March and ends in December and class runs from 8-2:30 weekdays.

What To Bring

Please email us in advance, we can provide a current list of needed school supplies or other special needs. Email: [email protected]

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